So you want to get taken by a woman…

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Then Micaela went on to explore my ass and that’s when the fun began. I lifted up my legs and she slid one to three lubricated fingers in it. I must say that she was very good with her fingers! She was very good and intuitive with the pace and I could feet that her fingers were hitting the right spot inside over and over again!. Tom March 2008

…and that woman is here.

Busty, undulating, in charge, that is me. Here in Toronto waiting for you to decide to open up to me. Nothing beats an experienced  woman who will gently and firmly explore all your hidden corners. Every day is a potential sexy day, perfect to be caressed and stroked; to be made to whimper in unexpected ways. I just don’t want to touch you in the predictable way, I want go to the root of the matter, from the front to the back, inside out.

 My reputation is flawless as the Best Prostate Massage Provider in Toronto. I am the Woman to go to for safe, mind-boggling prostate releases, strap on play (pegging)  and on the journey I will un-knot your tight muscles as well. I want you purring and sighing on my massage table, before expertly  manipulating your glands. I will make you release once or twice with a deep primal groan and afterward be completely still .

Forever Gloved,


To book me for one hour or two,  please call me at 416 535 5234 or email me at

PS: If you are a first timer who is itching to try prostate stimulation,please keep in mind that your ass is the epicenter of a constellation of nerve endings that can make you release really hard, if touched PROPERLY. You can be handjobbed to death in a massage parlor, but your ass is sacred, darling. When PM is good, it is oh-so-amazingly good, but when it is bad, it is a f*cking nightmare! So come to Micaela, and don’t sweat it!  But please keep in mind that I only offer Prostate Massage and strap-on pleasure. I don’t offer anything else. I offer out-of-this world ass-play in a sexy, safe, sensual atmosphere as a sexy Latina who dresses to kill.

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